Comic Books

Comic Books and Localization of Translations

This part of my work is a bit unusual: I have been a freelance rewriter/localizer for several companies that import and publish comic books from Japan (manga) and Korea (manhwa). This job requires me to take a rough translation and smooth it out so that it sounds like it was written by a native speaker of American English. I also do some copy editing on these texts and apply special formatting that helps in-house editors get them ready for layout.

The comics I’ve helped rewrite include:

    For TOKYOPOP, Inc.:

  • Saver, an action/adventure title from Korea.
  • Issues 10-14 of Japanese romantic comedy Tramps Like Us. (This was called Kimi wa Petto in Japan, where it was a successful TV show.)
  • Momo Tama, a shonen (boys’) adventure comedy.
  • Japanese teen drama Nosatsu Junkie.
  • Devil’s Bride, a TOKYOPOP original series.
  • Castle of Dreams, a two-volume anthology of short stories by Masami Tsuda, author of the popular series Kare Kano.