About Me

Freelance Legal Writer

I started my career as a journalist at general-interest newspapers, then moved to the legal media when I moved to Los Angeles. I covered large law firms, business litigation and anything I was lucky enough to get called for, which ranged from feature practice-area stories to breaking news.

That background led naturally into my specialty in legal writing once I went freelance in 2005. When striking out on my own, the bulk of my legal marketing work was for consumer-focused law firms (personal injury, criminal defense, bankruptcy, etc.). My legal magazine articles tend to serve a wider audience within the legal profession. In addition to law and business, I’ve written about green energy, health, fitness and food for general audiences.

I moved to the ABA Journal in 2013, and have been lucky enough to cover a variety of truly interesting topics. I like covering the law because it very often sets up conflicts between two or more worthwhile pursuits; because it has strict rules about truth and evidence; and because so many of the documents are freely available online.

I am a Southern California native, live in West Los Angeles and do not write screenplays.

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